Programs and Services

 Image Enhancement

Interview and Employment Suiting – Through the Suiting Program clients will receive an interview suit, one-on-one overview of interview etiquette, how to communicate with a prospective employer, how to present himself or herself professionally, and more. By laying the groundwork for interview preparation, the Suiting Program is designed to encourage self-confidence, professional poise and dignity.

Professional Development Workshops

Is offer to our partner affiliate agencies and our community partners for individuals, entering the workforce for the first time or going back to work after many years of being unemployed.  The workshops include:  Image Enhancement: Dressing for Success, Interview Skills, Resume Building, Communication Skills and Mock Interview. For more information call Jewel at 201-469-0012 or email:

Career Center Services:

Access to our Career Center is available for free, either by appointment or during your interview or employment suiting.  Utilize our resources and the personalized assistance of an expert Career Center Specialist to participate in a mock interviews and tips, review, revise and update  your resume, do your research, read career development books, or learn about new trends in employment and the job market.  Enjoy free access to computers, printers, the internet as well as assistance in setting up your personal email account.  For an appointment call Kency at 201-469-0013 or email:

Financial Literacy Workshops:

Understanding personal finance and being able to manage and save your earnings is a key component of achieving self-sufficiency and economic independence, the ultimate goal for women who are served by Dress for Success Hudson County.  The Financial Literacy Program is an in-depth financial workshop which is open to all PWG members at no cost.  Courses include budgeting, setting up checking and savings account, individualized credit management, retirement and investment, and much more.  For more information call Kency at 201-469-0013 or email:

Going Places Network:

Looking for work and navigating career challenges are made easier when you’re not alone.  Dress for Success Hudson County provides a structured and supportive environment for professional women to share resources, meet other influential women, and to learn from each other’s successes and wisdom through the Going Places Network.  The network is a small group of women who meet one day a week to talk candidly about job searching and career advancement with the goal of supporting the success ofall members.  The group will cover any number of issues: where to find legitimate job leads and working with placement agencies; preparing for interviews and how to get your calls returned; overcoming rejection, turning “no” into “yes”.  Sessions will be held throughout the year.  For more information call Kency at 201-469-0013 or email:

 Retail & Customer Services Hands-on Training

Skills Learned                                  

  • Customer Service
  • Sales /Stocking
  • Merchandise
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Communicating Effectively
  • Problem-Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Decision-Making
  • For more information call our main number at 201-395-0202 or email:

Professional Women’s Group

What It Is: The Professional Women’s Group is an international networking association for Dress for Success Hudson County clients who have recently entered the workforce, some for the first time.  The Professional Women’s Group was created to promote employment retention and career advancement by providing valuable skill-building information, understanding corporate culture, and handling personal finances.  It is the first and only employment retention model that moves low-income women towards self-sufficiency by addressing their social and economic needs in relation to work, home and community.  It is an exclusive networking group for ladies who obtain employment through Dress for Success Hudson County’s Going Places Network or Suiting Programs.  Monthly meetings consist of a light dinner, topic presentation, and time for sharing challenges and recognizing accomplishments. Monthly meetings are set for the last Thursday of every month, ending in November.

Why It Works:  Women making the transition from unemployment into the workforce face a myriad of challenges, from understanding corporate culture to handling personal finances, often with no support or guidance.  The Professional Women’s Group provides a safe environment where members can learn how to network and develop professional skills.

How It Works:  Members attend monthly meetings on a variety of career development topics.  Each meeting consists of two key elements: an expert speaker leading an informational discussion and a networking period.  In addition to the below listed curriculum members receive various products and services, and additional clothing and accessories to complete a working wardrobe.  Members also have the opportunity to become their affiliate’s representative at the annual Success Summit, our signature leadership conference for select PWG members and coordinators.

A sample twelve-month curriculum:

  • Setting Goals and Making them happen in 90 days
  • You and Your Taxes
  • Getting your Resume Noticed
  • Communication: Skills for Success
  • Budget Planning
  • Credit Management and Investing
  • Work/Life Balance for Working Women
  • Resolving Conflicts at Work
  • Nutrition for the Working   Woman
  • Winning at Success: 5 Keys to Enjoying Your Life’s Work
  • Expectations of Employer

Benefits of Membership:

  • Lifetime membership in a professional network.
  • Use of the Career Center Services, including support of career coach.
  • Opportunity to enhance leadership development
  • Additional clothing and accessories
  • For  more information call Kency at 201-469-0013 or email: