Tag Sale Extravaganza!

“What we do for men and women go beyond the Suits”

Every year Suits for Success Inc., the Home of Dress for Success Hudson County with their Team of Professionals, host three fabulous Tag Sales. Our tag sales consist of articles of clothing not appropriate to suit our clients but deemed exceptional for this special event.  Each article of clothing is tagged and safely stored until days before the event.  (see the beautiful Red Pant suit by St. John).   As each item is unveiled, the anticipation builds for the sale to begin. Return shoppers ask year round “when is the next Tag Sale?” Calendars are marked when the dates are sent out. Hours before the sale begins, people start lining up outside waiting for the doors to open. When the doors open, customers are greeted by employees and volunteers ready to assist every shopper. The employees and volunteers get the opportunity to talk about the organizations and occasionally be a personal shopper, essentially showing shoppers the level of service clients are provided on a daily basis.

Tag Sale is a pop up “thrift sale” that allows everyone the opportunity to donate to Suits for Success Inc., the Home of Dress for Success Hudson County. Tag sale is an amazing way for people to support Suits for Success and expand their closet in an economically friendly way.  Every dollar spent drives the organization forward and helps a client get suited.  The money from the sale is used to purchase scarce boutique items, sometimes specific clothing sizes, sometimes shoes and accessories necessary to help clients gain employment.   “What we do for men and women go beyond the Suits.” The event is planned and executed by the Boutique Coordinator Ana Dominguez and a dedicated team of employees and volunteers.  Ms. Dominguez personally sorts each piece of clothing for quality before selecting the item as Tag Sale appropriate.  Her meticulous sense of style and taste comes through in the presentation of the sale. Every available room with every inch of available space is used to provide the shopper with a unique boutique experience.

The end results of our hard work is a celebration thanking the wonderful individuals that contributed to the First Tag Sale of 2017 – Next Tag Sale is tentative for July 20, 21st and 22nd. Please come and enjoy!

It is through your donations and generosity that we are able to service our clients.  April 19, 2017 is our Yearly Fundraiser – Women of Achievement and Distinction, we’re honoring three Powerful Women, one of whom is the founder of our Agency,  Ms. Lillian Hernandez.  Please visit to our Web-site or Facebook and purchase your ticket. Join us on this Special Occasion.  If your schedule doesn’t allow your participation, call us at 201-469-0010 and place an ad in our journal.  Thank you in advance.

“What is important is family, friends, giving back to your community and finding meaning in life”. Adrian Grenier

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